July 13, 2024

At 2:03 PM, the Rays officially confirmed the trade, announcing that Cardenas has been traded to the Phillies in exchange for cash considerations.

Earlier at 12:56 PM, the Phillies acquired Ruben Cardenas, a corner outfielder in the minor leagues, from the Rays. This move was reported by Kiley McDaniel of ESPN. Since Cardenas wasn’t on Tampa’s 40-man roster, his transfer to Philadelphia won’t occupy a roster spot. The specifics of what the Rays will receive in return are not disclosed, but typically, minor league trades involve cash considerations.

Cardenas, aged 26, was drafted by Cleveland in the sixth round in 2018 but was later traded to the Rays in 2019. Known for his power but also prone to strikeouts, Cardenas has progressed through the minor league system, playing in High-A, Double-A, and Triple-A. His batting statistics show a mix of power hitting and strikeouts, with fluctuations in his walk rates and batting averages.

Philadelphia Phillies Pull Off Early Trade with Rays for Outfielder

In 2024, Cardenas has showcased his power with 11 home runs in just 49 games at Triple-A, alongside a reduced strikeout rate but also a lower walk rate. Despite not being a top-rated prospect, Cardenas received an honorable mention from FanGraphs in their lists of Rays prospects in 2022 and 2023.

For the Phillies, injuries to Brandon Marsh and Kody Clemens have depleted their depth in the outfield, prompting the acquisition of Cardenas. This move adds depth to their outfield without occupying a roster spot. Meanwhile, the Rays have a crowded outfield roster, making playing time scarce for Cardenas. Therefore, they opted to trade him to Philadelphia, likely in exchange for financial compensation.

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