May 21, 2024

Neal Maupay, currently on loan at Brentford from Everton, acknowledges that his confidence has taken a hit due to his recent goal-scoring struggles. Nonetheless, he maintains a belief in his abilities and is optimistic that, over time, the goals will start flowing once again. Maupay has faced difficulty finding the back of the net lately, managing just one goal during his time at Goodison Park before being loaned out to Brentford. However, he remains steadfast in his self-assessment of possessing the necessary skill to succeed.

Returning to a club where he previously excelled in the Championship, Maupay hopes that the familiar environment will help him regain his peak performance. He is well aware of the scrutiny from Everton’s management and supporters during his loan period.

Maupay returns to Brentford | Brentford FC

In a conversation with the Evening Standard on October 23, Maupay expressed his perspective, saying, “I’ve been going through a tough patch. Scoring has been elusive, and that has affected my confidence. But I’m committed to maintaining good form, and I’m optimistic that the goals will eventually start coming. As a striker, it’s undoubtedly frustrating, but I’ve been a consistent goal scorer throughout my career, and I believe a breakthrough is imminent.”

When questioned about the potential competition with Ivan Toney, who is set to return in January, Maupay dismissed the notion of added pressure, stating, “Not at all. I’ve been in this situation before, and the fans are aware of my capabilities. Ivan is a top-notch striker, and his return would be welcome. However, I’m Neal Maupay, and I have a track record of scoring goals as well.”

Everton’s management, led by Sean Dyche, hopes that Maupay can rediscover his best form while on loan, ultimately benefiting the team upon his return to Goodison Park. This approach allows Everton to gauge Maupay’s performance before making a permanent decision. If he delivers a prolific goal-scoring run away from Merseyside, Everton can either reintegrate an in-form striker or potentially sell him for a substantial fee. In the event that he continues to struggle, his difficulties will be the concern of the loaning club rather than Everton, ensuring that he does not further struggle at Goodison Park.

Maupay’s resilience is commendable, even if it may seem somewhat unwarranted, and Everton shares his hope that he can recapture his goal-scoring prowess during the current season.

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