May 21, 2024

There is a growing possibility that Newcastle United midfielder Sandro Tonali may face a ten-month suspension due to his involvement in the illicit betting scandal.

Tonali has openly admitted to engaging in unauthorized betting on football matches, including placing bets on Milan matches during his time at the club. Although he did participate in Newcastle United’s recent match against Crystal Palace, it is likely that this was his last appearance of the season.

Sandro Tonali betting scandal pushes boundaries of sympathy for him and  Newcastle


According to Giovanni Albanese’s report, Tonali has reached a plea agreement following a meeting with the Prosecutor. He is expected to receive a ten-month ban, along with a rehabilitation program. Notably, the ban is three months longer than the one Nicolo Fagioli received, likely due to Tonali’s direct involvement in betting on Rossoneri games.

Tonali’s name initially surfaced during investigations when Fagioli was extensively questioned. Subsequently, the midfielder revealed that Tonali had introduced him to illegal betting during an Italy Under-21s camp.

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