May 27, 2024

Arsenal demonstrated a notable improvement in their set-piece performance against Burnley, showcasing a marked contrast to their earlier struggles criticized by Gary Neville during the Newcastle match. Arsenal’s set-piece effectiveness, a specialty of coach Nicolas Jover, was evident in their recent encounter with Burnley, where two out of three goals originated from set-pieces and direct play.

The disappointing outing against Newcastle, marked by VAR controversies and physical duels, had prompted Neville’s outspoken critique of Jover’s coaching style and Arsenal’s set-piece delivery. Neville, on his podcast, expressed frustration with Jover’s animated touchline presence and perceived pressure on the player taking corners.

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The response from Arsenal against Burnley, with two successful set-piece goals and ongoing threats, seemed to silence any potential concerns raised by Neville. Vincent Kompany, Arsenal’s head coach, acknowledged the team’s set-piece prowess and emphasized the constant challenge they pose to opponents.

Kompany lauded Arsenal’s ability to create set-piece opportunities, even against top-tier opponents, attributing their success to maintaining possession and strategic play around the opponent’s box. According to Kompany, facing Arsenal involves dealing with various threats, including dangerous set-plays, showcasing the team’s comprehensive testing of their adversaries.

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In light of Kompany’s praise, it appears that Arsenal has effectively addressed any doubts about their set-piece capabilities, possibly in response to Neville’s criticism, even without explicit acknowledgment.

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