July 12, 2024

All eyes are on Manchester City and what this could mean for Liverpool after Everton’s 10-point deduction

Football financial expert Nick Harris has cast doubt on the legitimacy of Manchester City’s accomplishments in the wake of Everton’s unprecedented 10-point deduction. An independent commission, in alignment with the Premier League, imposed this severe penalty after finding the Blues guilty of violating profit and sustainability regulations over a three-year span. Despite a recent positive performance, Everton now finds itself in the relegation zone.

The aftermath of the verdict has predominantly focused on Manchester City, which earlier in the year faced over 100 alleged breaches of financial regulations between 2009 and 2018. This case will undergo further scrutiny by an independent commission. Given City’s on-field success during this period, concerns are emerging regarding the credibility of their honors. The recent ruling against Everton has intensified scrutiny, particularly from Liverpool, their main rival throughout that timeframe.

In a conversation with The Rest Is Football podcast, financial specialist Harris, speaking to Alan Shearer, suggested that if City is found guilty, their achievements would be marked with asterisks. He raised questions about City’s claims of innocence and speculated on the possibility of systematic financial irregularities over a decade or more. Harris acknowledged City’s exceptional coaching, talented players, and well-managed organization but emphasized the need to scrutinize how they attained their success. The unresolved nature of the City cases, according to Harris, leaves a significant period of uncertainty in the football landscape. The outcome will either raise doubts about City’s accomplishments or prompt inquiries into the accuracy of the five-year Premier League investigation if they are found innocent.

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