July 12, 2024

Napheesa Collier entered the 2023 WNBA season with uncertainty, marking her fifth year with the Minnesota Lynx. Having missed most of the 2022 season due to giving birth to her daughter Mila, doubts lingered about her return to All-WNBA form. The journey back was arduous, extending into the new season as she embraced the role of the Lynx franchise face while striving to regain her previous performance levels. Despite challenges, the 27-year-old remained undeterred, focusing on surpassing her past accomplishments.

Collier not only successfully returned to form but elevated her game to new heights in 2023. She emerged as a contender for the WNBA MVP, orchestrating a career year and steering her team back to the playoffs after falling short the previous season. The demanding offseason, marked by extensive rehabilitation and skill enhancement, translated into on-court success, a testament to her hard work.

Napheesa Collier - Women's Basketball - University of Connecticut Athletics

Beyond the on-court pressures, Collier embraced the role of a leader for the Lynx, a responsibility she hadn’t encountered to this extent since joining the team. Despite the challenges and being outside her comfort zone, she found the experience rewarding, fostering both personal and team growth. Collier expressed pride in her development as a leader and player throughout the season.

The 2023 season saw not only Collier’s individual growth but also the Lynx exceeding expectations as a team. Overcoming a sluggish start, they rallied under Collier’s leadership, making a playoff push that narrowly missed reaching the semifinals. Collier attributed their success to the strong chemistry among players and coaching staff, emphasizing the genuine camaraderie and selfless team-oriented mindset.

While playoff inexperience posed challenges towards the end of the season, Collier views it as a learning opportunity. With the team now having postseason experience, she anticipates significant growth in the coming years. Looking ahead, Collier aims to enhance her skills during the offseason, particularly focusing on her three-point shooting, off-the-dribble moves, and overall versatility.

Collier’s dedication extends beyond personal development; she envisions a bright future for the Lynx and is committed to leading the team back to championship contention in 2024 and beyond. Expressing love for Minnesota and gratitude for the supportive community, Collier sees herself as an integral part of a new era of Lynx basketball.

Despite her remarkable achievements in 2023, Collier remains unsatisfied, expressing a desire to push her game and team to even greater heights. Her goal for 2024 is not merely to make the playoffs or be in the MVP conversation but to elevate the Lynx to a new level of success.

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