May 30, 2024

Lions enthusiasts are likely to find pleasure in the latest documentary, “Bye Bye Barry,” which delves into Barry Sanders’ career and retirement. However, not every former Lions player shares the same sentiment. Scott Mitchell, a former Lions quarterback, contends that the documentary unfairly criticized him, especially in remarks from certain celebrity Lions fans who asserted that Sanders could have secured a Super Bowl for Detroit if not for subpar quarterback performance.

Expressing his frustration on Facebook, Mitchell dismissed claims that he was the reason Sanders never secured a Super Bowl victory and challenged the perception of his quarterback skills. Mitchell’s explicit response extended to celebrities like Eminem and Jeff Daniels who were critical in the documentary.

Scott Mitchell hated Bobby Ross so much he considered beaning him in 2000 -  Pride Of Detroit

Additionally, Mitchell took issue with former Lions head coach Wayne Fontes, who, in the documentary, mentioned missed opportunities to acquire Hall of Fame quarterbacks Warren Moon and Joe Montana. Mitchell found Fontes’ comments disappointing, highlighting that Fontes actively pursued him to join Detroit and felt unsupported when Fontes expressed interest in other quarterbacks.

Mitchell also placed some responsibility on Sanders for the Lions’ playoff struggles in the 1990s, arguing that despite a supportive environment in Detroit, Sanders only managed to secure one playoff victory in his 10-year career. Mitchell questioned Sanders’ performance in crucial playoff games, emphasizing that blaming everyone else for the lack of Super Bowl success in Detroit, including Sanders himself, is more appropriate.

To support his argument, Mitchell cited Sanders’ limited yardage in the 1994, 1995, and 1997 playoff losses. While acknowledging Sanders’ lack of a great quarterback to play alongside, Mitchell asserted that the blame for Detroit’s Super Bowl drought should be shared among all team members, including Sanders.

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