May 21, 2024

Greg Alexander has dismissed speculation that the club might release Jarome Luai from his contract early to join another team, despite a substantial $4.5 million offer from the Tigers. Isaah Yeo, Panthers’ captain, has urged Luai to commit to a long-term stay with the team.

The Tigers are said to be leading the race to sign Luai, but Alexander, speaking on SEN radio, firmly rejected the idea of letting him go before the contract’s scheduled expiration in November 2024. Alexander drew parallels with a similar situation involving Matt Burton and emphasized that Luai has a contractual commitment to Penrith for the upcoming year.

Addressing concerns about the possibility of Luai leaving in 2024, Alexander stated unequivocally, “Forget it.” He acknowledged past instances where public opinion questioned the fairness of such decisions, but stressed that Luai is contracted to Penrith for the following year.

Despite acknowledging the Panthers’ right to retain Luai in 2024, SEN’s Andrew Voss noted the unpredictable nature of rugby league and cited instances like Greg Inglis being delivered to South Sydney on Christmas Eve. Alexander, however, dismissed the comparison between Inglis’ situation and Luai’s, asserting that Luai will not be playing for the Tigers and that such comparisons are misleading.

The latest developments coincide with Panthers captain Isaah Yeo’s plea for Luai to remain loyal to Penrith and contribute to their ongoing success, marked by four consecutive grand finals and three consecutive titles. Yeo acknowledged the significance of Luai’s decision, considering his young family, and expressed a desire for him to stay with the team. Yeo emphasized Luai’s integral role in the team’s culture and success, underlining the potential void his departure would create.

In conclusion, the Panthers’ management, represented by Greg Alexander, remains firm on retaining Jarome Luai for the duration of his contract, countering rumors of an early release and emphasizing the player’s importance to the team’s ongoing success. Meanwhile, captain Isaah Yeo has appealed for Luai’s continued commitment to Penrith, highlighting his vital role in the team’s culture and success.

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