May 28, 2024

Milan is reportedly making progress in negotiating a contract with Francesco Camarda, the young talent who recently made his debut for the club. Camarda, at just 15 years old, set a record as the youngest player in Serie A history.

However, he cannot sign a professional contract until he turns 16, and various European clubs have shown interest in him.

According to Daniele Longo, discussions for a new deal are scheduled for March 10th, one day after Camarda’s 16th birthday. Milan is optimistic about finalizing a professional contract for him on that day, with a three-year deal likely to be proposed.

The club is relatively relaxed about the situation, as Camarda has expressed disinterest in considering other offers or potential suitors. He firmly believes that Milan is the best choice for his future career and intends to progress step by step with the club.

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