July 12, 2024

Kyler Murray has returned to the Arizona Cardinals after more than a year away from NFL action, making his comeback on November 12th. However, the team faced challenges with a below .500 record upon his return. After three weeks, analysts and fans have had a glimpse of the team’s dynamics with their franchise quarterback back in action.

During a recent podcast, analyst Brian Baldinger discussed the Cardinals’ situation, acknowledging the difficulty of evaluating the team’s status at this point. He raised questions about whether the Cardinals are constructing a roster capable of winning a championship.

Trash' Kyler Murray 'plays like a high school player,' former All-Pro  running back says

Comparing them to the Philadelphia Eagles, whom he sees as well-positioned for championship contention, Baldinger expressed his view that the Cardinals have a significant distance to cover before being competitive. He also questioned the team’s long-term plans at the quarterback position, despite Murray being initially regarded as their franchise quarterback.

Highlighting Murray’s previous stellar performance that earned him a substantial contract, Baldinger emphasized the need for the organization to reevaluate its current situation, considering both Murray’s recent performance and concerns about his injuries. He suggested that if the Cardinals don’t believe they can achieve championship success with Murray leading the team, organizational changes may be necessary in the coming years to enhance their competitiveness.

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