May 21, 2024

Ray Fittipaldo Believes There’s A ‘50% Chance’ Mike Tomlin Is Head Coach Of Steelers In 2024

Over the past four days, the Pittsburgh Steelers have faced significant challenges, leading to growing concerns about head coach Mike Tomlin’s position, particularly after two disappointing losses to the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots. Despite NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero expressing disbelief in the possibility of Tomlin being fired and surprise at a potential trade, Steelers’ beat writer Ray Fittipaldo offered a different perspective on the Cook and Joe Show.

Ray Fittipaldo's Steelers report card: Failing marks across the board |  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Responding to a question about the likelihood of Tomlin remaining as head coach in 2024, Fittipaldo remained neutral, estimating a 50% chance. He emphasized the impending decision by team owner Art Rooney II, suggesting that an extension or a parting of ways would be necessary after the season. Fittipaldo drew parallels to a pivotal moment in the late 1990s when the Steelers faced a similar crossroads with Hall of Fame head coach Bill Cowher, ultimately extending him and leading to a successful period.

While Tomlin has secured a place in the Hall of Fame with notable achievements, including a Super Bowl win, another appearance, and 16 consecutive non-losing seasons, concerns are mounting. The team is grappling with injuries, Tomlin’s coaching limitations, and potential discord in the locker room, as highlighted by comments from star safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. Fittipaldo acknowledged the challenging situation and likened it to a crucial decision the Rooney family faced in the late 1990s.

15 years later, Steelers' Mike Tomlin back in Minnesota – Twin Cities

The Steelers currently find themselves in a difficult position, lacking a clear solution. Issues such as the absence of a franchise quarterback, roster gaps, a strained team culture, and a disillusioned fan base contribute to the uncertainty surrounding Tomlin’s future. Fittipaldo concluded that the situation remains undecided, underscoring the pivotal decision that the Rooney family will have to make in the coming weeks. The franchise may be approaching a juncture where change becomes imperative, as challenges continue to mount for Tomlin and the Steelers.

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