May 26, 2024

Dolphins’ Braxton Berrios reveals Mike McDaniel ‘love advice’ amid Alix Earle romance

Apart from the romantic relationships involving Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, there’s another budding love story in the NFL, featuring receiver Braxton Berrios of the Miami Dolphins and TikTok sensation Alix Earle. Their relationship, which began earlier this year, has generated a lot of attention on social media and within the league.

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Berrios shared that coach Mike McDaniel has playfully commented on their romance and even offered some relationship advice. According to Berrios, McDaniel told him to “get married” because “everything gets better,” a piece of advice that was delivered randomly and out of context, as Berrios revealed on the Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams.

Discussing his experience of dating the TikTok star, Berrios mentioned Earle’s ability to balance work and personal life effectively. He praised her for her dedication to her work and emphasized that he understands when she needs to focus on her online content creation. According to Berrios, it has never been an issue, and he appreciates the fun and enjoyment that comes with being in a relationship with her.

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Their relationship appears to be going well, with Berrios describing Earle as ‘incredible.’ In terms of their respective careers, Berrios has had a successful season with 20 receptions for 194 yards and a touchdown, and Earle has been a visible supporter at Dolphins games.

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