July 12, 2024

Sky F1 pundit makes joke at FIA after Wolff saga

On Tuesday, an announcement surfaced regarding the investigation of Susie Wolff, the managing director of F1 Academy, and her husband, Toto Wolff, the principal of the Mercedes team. The probe was centered on a potential conflict of interest arising from their distinct roles in the sport.

Wolff vehemently rejected the allegations, deeming them ‘deeply insulting’ and ‘misogynistic.’ Notably, all nine of Mercedes’ F1 competitors clarified that they were not the ones who had lodged the complaint against the couple.

Surprisingly, on Thursday evening, the FIA released a statement asserting that there was no ongoing investigation involving any individual. This revelation left many puzzled about the origin of the initial story.

Following this development, Wolff took to social media, expressing her determination to uncover the source of the attempt to ‘mislead the media.’ Simultaneously, Mercedes F1 disclosed that legal discussions were underway between Toto Wolff and the FIA.

In response to the unfolding events, Chandhok attempted to inject some humor into the situation, stating on X that he felt a degree of sympathy for certain members of the FIA communications department. “Ouch – not a good week to be in the FIA communications department,” he remarked.


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