May 26, 2024

Zlatan Ibrahimović joins RedBird Capital Partners as Operating Partner and Advisor to AC Milan Ownership

Today, RedBird made the announcement of Zlatan Ibrahimović, widely known as “Ibra,” as their new Operating Partner for the Sports and Media & Entertainment investment portfolio. Additionally, he will take on the role of Senior Advisor to AC Milan Ownership and Senior Management.

Ibra, an iconic figure in football, boasts an impressive career with 34 trophies across various clubs, scoring over 570 goals. Notably, he retired on June 4, 2023, concluding his career with AC Milan. RedBird’s appointment marks Ibra’s foray into the post-playing phase, aligning him with one of the foremost global investors in sports and media.

Ibrahimovic joins RedBird and will act as senior advisor to AC Milan -  EgyptToday

Beyond his on-field prowess, Ibra has cultivated a global brand as an entrepreneur, author, marketing specialist, and investor. With 123 million social media followers, he is a significant influencer and author of the successful autobiography “I Am Zlatan.” Additionally, Ibra engages in humanitarian efforts with the United Nations World Food Program.

As an Operating Partner at RedBird, Ibra will collaborate with the global investment team, contributing to existing and new ventures. His role involves advising on commercial projects, digital content strategies, and strategic brand building for RedBird portfolio companies.

Simultaneously, Ibra will serve as a Senior Advisor to AC Milan, actively participating in the club’s sporting and business operations. His responsibilities include player development, high-performance training, and supporting strategic projects like the new stadium.

Sky Sports News on X: "Zlatan Ibrahimovic has joined AC Milan owners  RedBird Capital Partners as an operating partner and will serve, as part of  his role, as a senior advisor to

Gerry Cardinale, Founder and Managing Partner of RedBird, praised Ibra’s intellect and entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting the partnership’s commitment to excellence. Paolo Scaroni, Chairman of AC Milan, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Ibra’s embodiment of a champion.

Ibra expressed gratitude for the opportunity to join RedBird and AC Milan, citing his enduring love for the Rossoneri. He looks forward to contributing to RedBird’s investment activities and returning to AC Milan in a meaningful capacity. Ibra views this dual role as a homecoming to the club where he concluded his playing career and now embarks on the next chapter.


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