May 28, 2024

AC Milan legend slams ‘disrespectful’ rumours about what happened against Liverpool in Istanbul

Jaap Stam maintains that AC Milan never underestimated Liverpool at any point during the 2005 Champions League final in Istanbul. The former defender refutes any claims of celebratory behavior in the dressing room at halftime.

The Miracle of Istanbul is now a widely recognized event worldwide. Despite being 3-0 down to a formidable AC Milan team at halftime, Liverpool emerged with renewed confidence, scoring three goals in six minutes to level the scoreline before eventually winning the trophy in a penalty shootout. During an episode of the Overlap’s Stick to Football podcast, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher discussed the events with Stam, addressing both sides of the story.

Jamie Carragher hits back at spikey Pep Guardiola for title dig at him and  Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville | talkSPORT

Carragher expressed amazement at Liverpool’s comeback and acknowledged the strength of AC Milan’s lineup before the final. However, Stam was quick to clarify that AC Milan approached the game professionally and did not underestimate Liverpool, emphasizing the experience and professionalism of the players.

Stam, who had already won the trophy with Manchester United, addressed rumors about AC Milan players celebrating their halftime lead. He dismissed such claims, stating that players of that caliber would not indulge in premature celebrations. Ancelotti, the manager, also emphasized caution and the need to remain focused, recognizing the potential for a comeback from Liverpool.

Carragher agreed with Stam, expressing his belief in the professionalism of AC Milan’s dressing room. He deemed the events of the final a “freak” occurrence and criticized media reports that portrayed AC Milan’s supposed celebration as disrespectful to the quality of players they had in their ranks.

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