May 28, 2024

Christian Horner has revealed he has had job offers to leave Red Bull and not just from other Formula 1 teams.

Horner has established himself as one of F1’s top team principals after 17 years at Red Bull and 13 trophies, but it appears that some other sporting bodies believe similar talents are transferable.

When asked about his future plans, Horner stated that he had received job offers from teams outside of F1, but that his loyalty was with Milton Keynes.

Christian Horner explains reason for snubbing 'flattering' past Ferrari  offers : PlanetF1

Christian Horner reveals unusual job offerings away from F1

Horner remained discreet about the specific sports he alluded to, but hinted that they were beyond the realm of racing.

“I’ve received offers in the past to venture into other sports or entities, but fundamentally, I am a racer,” Horner told Sky Sports. “I am passionate about what I do, and I feel a deep commitment and responsibility to the team, having been with them since the beginning.”

Despite being the most seasoned member on the current grid, Horner remains one of the youngest team principals, with only Williams’ James Vowles born later than him.

However, Horner consistently seeks new sources of motivation, and his current focus is on Red Bull’s “greatest challenge” of becoming its own independent power unit supplier starting in 2026.

“As the second youngest team principal in Formula 1, I’ve still got a few years left in me and my motivation is still sky high,” the 50-year-old said.

“With Red Bull Powertrains coming in 2026, it is by far the biggest challenge that I’ll have in my time in Formula 1 so it still motivates me to get out of bed every day and I’m excited every day that I go to work.”

Horner is one of the best-placed members of the F1 paddock to speak about how much the sport has changed since he arrived, most notably in recent years with its surge in popularity.


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