May 24, 2024

Commanders announce decision on Sam Howell

In the fourth quarter of the Washington Commanders’ defeat to the Los Angeles Commanders, the team opted to sideline quarterback Sam Howell and bring in veteran backup Jacoby Brissett. This move was unexpected, given the confidence the team had displayed in Howell throughout the season. Head coach Ron Rivera explained the decision during the postgame press conference.

Will Washington Commanders Start Jacoby Brissett Over Sam Howell After Loss  vs. Los Angeles Rams? - Sports Illustrated Washington Football News,  Analysis and More

Rivera clarified that Sam Howell would retain his position as the team’s starting quarterback, emphasizing that the decision to replace him with Brissett was made to safeguard Howell during a challenging game. Rivera stated in the press conference, as reported by Pro Football Talk, “Well, [we were] just really trying to take care of him a little bit. He got into a situation and then the ears pinned back like that. Didn’t want to see anything crazy.”

At the time of his substitution, Howell had completed 11 of 26 passes for 102 yards, including a touchdown and an interception, with the Commanders trailing 28-7. Rivera believed that the game was slipping away, and the switch to an experienced player like Brissett could help stabilize the team. “I think it’s more of just a game flow. It is one of those things you get to this point and when teams are just putting their ears back,” Rivera explained. “And we got a lot of faith that Jacoby is for us.”

Ultimately, Brissett’s entrance proved effective, bringing the team back and giving them an opportunity to win, despite ultimately falling short with a final score of 28-20. However, when facing the Jets in the upcoming week, Howell will resume his role as the starting quarterback.

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