May 27, 2024

NBA players are known to boost their individual statistics during garbage time to enhance their performance in the box score. Such instances were evident in the Atlanta Hawks-Miami Heat game, where Miami center Bam Adebayo, tasked with dribbling out the clock in the final moments of their 122–113 victory, opted for a casual move.

As the clock counted down, Adebayo released the ball with two seconds remaining, allowing Atlanta power forward Onyeka Okongwu to easily snatch it, officially recording a steal. This move resulted in Adebayo receiving a sixth turnover for the game.

Bam Adebayo, an uncontrollable force | Marca

Despite the unconventional play, the Miami Heat players showed no signs of concern, exchanging handshakes with their Atlanta counterparts and proceeding to the locker room. Okongwu, a fourth-year professional from USC, has historically averaged fewer than one steal per game.

Therefore, each steal holds significance in elevating his career steal average. Despite the inconsequential nature of Okongwu’s last-second steal, Miami’s players were unfazed, and Okongwu’s quick decision added one more steal to his season total, bringing it to 12.

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