July 12, 2024

Since 1969, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had just three head coaches, with Mike Tomlin at the helm since 2007. Despite the team not reaching its previous levels of success, questions have arisen about Tomlin’s future with the franchise.

At 52 years old, Tomlin is widely respected in the NFL and holds the record for the most consecutive non-losing seasons to start a coaching career (16), maintaining a consistent record above .500 in Pittsburgh.

With a coaching record of 171-100-2 in the regular season with the Steelers, Tomlin’s tenure has been marked by success. However, despite his popularity in the league, there have been calls from some Steelers fans and former players for a change. There is a growing belief that a new voice in the locker room, particularly an offensive-minded head coach, may be needed to address the team’s challenges.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, highlighted the unique situation in Pittsburgh. Typically, the Steelers organization extends the contracts of coaches or players with two years left on their deals. Tomlin’s contract, set to expire in 2024, has not seen an imminent extension.

While some believe a change might be beneficial, it appears that Tomlin will have a significant say in his future. If he is given the opportunity to decide, it is unlikely that he would choose to leave Pittsburgh. Despite the prospect of joining a team with a more favorable quarterback situation for sustained success, Tomlin’s loyalty to the Steelers remains strong.

With the Steelers at an 8-7 record, Tomlin has two remaining games against the Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens to secure the team’s 20th consecutive season without a losing record.

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