May 21, 2024

Before achieving fame as a professional wrestler, XFL owner, and acclaimed actor, Dwayne Johnson harbored a dream of playing football under the coaching leadership of Jimmy Johnson during the latter’s tenure with the Miami Hurricanes. Johnson, renowned for guiding the Hurricanes to a national championship in 1987, was the mentor The Rock aspired to have during his senior year of high school in 1989. However, Johnson, a Pro Football Hall of Fame coach, transitioned to the NFL to become the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach before the ’89 season.

Despite the missed opportunity to play under the legendary coach, The Rock chose to honor Johnson’s legacy by still joining the Hurricanes. On the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show, The Rock expressed admiration for Johnson, the newest Cowboys Ring of Honor member, and revealed that he had signed a letter of intent during his youth to play for Johnson at Miami. Playfully, he stated that if Johnson ever decided to coach again, it would be an honor.

The Rock Crashed Fox's Pregame Show and Had Jimmy Johnson Tearing Up With Heartfelt  Message

Johnson, visibly moved, was nearly brought to tears by The Rock’s heartfelt gesture. The Rock, a defensive lineman, spent four impactful years at Miami from 1991 to 1994 and contributed to the Hurricanes’ championship victory in 1991.

After three decades and the resolution of longstanding differences with Dallas owner Jerry Jones, Johnson finally earned his well-deserved place in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. This momentous occasion took place during halftime of the team’s 20–19 triumph on a Saturday night.

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