May 24, 2024

Tom Brady recently disclosed the reasons behind his decision not to return to the New England Patriots on a one-day contract for retirement. The veteran quarterback, who concluded his remarkable 23-year NFL career in February 2023 with a total of seven Super Bowl victories, clarified that his initial plan was to make a comeback in May of that year. Despite retiring, speculation lingered about a possible return for the 46-year-old during the 2023 season.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed a strong desire for Brady to sign a symbolic one-day contract and retire with the team in Foxborough. Kraft emphasized the significance of Brady as a Patriot and pledged to do everything possible to honor him.

Robert Kraft had 'temper tantrum' over Tom Brady's Patriots snub

Despite Kraft’s intentions and a special guest appearance by Brady at Gillette Stadium during the home opener in September, where he was honored in a pre-game ceremony, the quarterback did not sign the one-day contract. The mystery surrounding Brady’s decision persisted until a New Year’s Eve Instagram post, where he reflected on 2023 and expressed gratitude for every moment.

In the post, Brady shared his appreciation for family and friends, emphasizing the importance of love, joy, and compassion. He also revealed that he had initially planned to return to the NFL in May but was surprised with a retirement party by friends, which he humorously noted “kind of forced my hand.” This revelation sheds light on Brady’s considerations for a return to the league and the unexpected turn of events that influenced his decision-making process.

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