May 28, 2024

Despite having a chance to secure a strong position in the NFC South after defeating the Buccaneers in Week 14, the Falcons missed an opportunity and jeopardized their playoff hopes by losing to the struggling Panthers in the following week. Ironically, their playoff aspirations now hinge on the success of their arch-rivals, the Saints, who recently defeated the division-leading Buccaneers.

Following the Saints’ victory over Tampa Bay, the Falcons could still win the NFC South if the Panthers manage to upset the Buccaneers in their upcoming game. In such a scenario, the winner of the Falcons-Saints matchup would host the Eagles in the Wild Card round. This unexpected turn of events adds a humorous twist to the season for a Falcons team that has faced disappointment throughout and is contemplating coaching changes and a quarterback selection in the upcoming draft.

Season finale result has hilarious implications for Atlanta Falcons

What adds to the irony is the possibility that, with some assistance from the Jets, the Falcons might lose to the Saints, securing the 8th overall pick for the third consecutive year. While a playoff berth might upset a significant portion of the Falcons fan base, who are eager for changes, it could also put the team in a better position to land a top quarterback in the upcoming draft.

Despite the conflicting sentiments among fans, the author expresses a personal desire to see the Falcons in the postseason, emphasizing that Atlanta is just a quarterback away from being a serious contender in the NFL, regardless of the current coaching situation under Arthur Smith.

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