May 27, 2024

With the impending signings of Jorge Quintana (12th MLB Pipeline) and Jesus Made (22nd MLB Pipeline), alongside the existing talent of Luis Peña, the Brewers are poised to add significant high-ceiling players in the upcoming international class. The infusion of young shortstops and a promising catching talent highlights the Brewers’ commitment to acquiring top-notch prospects.

This strategic shift in the draft approach, initiated in the 2023 draft class, reflects the Brewers’ emphasis on securing high-upside talent, particularly in the batting department. The trend continues into the 2024 international draft, where the team is making waves with their pursuit of promising prospects.

The Brewers’ influence in the international market is evident through recent acquisitions like Jeferson Quero, Yophery Rodriguez, and Jackson Chourio, all of whom have found a place in MLB Pipeline’s top 10 Brewers prospects. The organization is optimistic about unearthing hidden gems in their latest draft class, and the scouting community is eager to evaluate and analyze the potential of each emerging star.

Jorge Quintana (12th Pipeline, 19th largest bonus per Baseball America) – Shortstop

Pipeline Tools: Hitting 55, Power 50, Running 50, Arm 50, Fielding 55
Quintana is recognized as one of the more refined batters in the draft, displaying proficiency from both sides of the plate. Despite being just 16 years old and standing at 6’2″, there’s a chance he may outgrow the shortstop position, possibly due to average or slightly below-average speed. Nonetheless, he exhibits commendable actions and quickness. Quintana’s left-handed performance stands out, showcasing solid plate discipline and an adept ability to make contact with the ball. Baseball America notes that he boasts one of the most impressive offensive track records among players available for signing in 2024.

The Brewers have actively pursued talent in Venezuela, a strategy that previously yielded Chourio, making their interest in scouring the country again unsurprising. MLB Pipeline highlights Quintana’s ability to demonstrate power from gap to gap, already showing glimpses of genuine home run potential. Coupled with his hitting skills, his bat presents an intriguing prospect, even before further development and physical maturation. While his hitting is likely to be the standout attribute propelling him to the majors, Quintana also holds his own defensively and is anticipated to perform well in the infield.

Jesus Made (22nd Pipeline, 41st largest bonus per Baseball America) – Shortstop

Pipeline Tools: Hit 50, Power 55, Run 50, Arm 50, Field 55

Made, another switch-hitter, exhibits significant power potential from both sides of the plate despite his slender 6’1″ frame. While he possesses solid bat-to-ball skills, it is anticipated that his success in the minor leagues will hinge on the development of his power. With an above-average arm, there is potential for him to excel at third base if a move from shortstop becomes necessary. Scouts commend his defensive prowess, indicating he has the ability to thrive at shortstop.

Pipeline highlights Made’s slightly upward swing as a potential concern as he progresses through the levels, possibly impacting his hit tool. However, his current performance showcases robust contact and powerful hits, both in the gaps and over the fence. Despite concerns, there is optimism that he could remain at shortstop due to his capacity for making routine and extraordinary plays, coupled with above-average speed and quickness. At just 16 years old, this prospect boasts significant upside and is one to keep an eye on as the Dominican Summer League commences.

Luis Peña (44th largest bonus per Baseball America, no Pipeline ranking) – Shortstop

Peña, an unranked shortstop by Pipeline, presents significant potential, much like Jesus Made. Despite lacking a formal rating, the Brewers value him similarly. According to Ben Badler of Baseball America, Peña is characterized as a quick and explosive athlete with outstanding speed. While his defensive skills at shortstop may not be as remarkable as his athleticism, there’s speculation that he might transition from shortstop to center field in the upcoming season, a common move for Brewers prospects.

Peña is recognized for possessing a mature and solid tool set relative to his age. His bat speed is explosive, allowing him to hit the ball into the gaps effectively. Badler acknowledges that Peña’s swing can occasionally become too expansive, but he demonstrates solid bat-to-ball skills for his age. Additionally, he boasts a plus arm and lightning-fast speed. Peña emerges as another potentially valuable asset for the Brewers’ system, with players of his dynamic profile often making swift progress through the minor leagues.

Luis Corobo (Unconfirmed Bonus, Unranked) – Catcher

According to a tweet by Curt Hogg, Corobo’s defensive skills have been likened to a young standout catcher, Jeferson Quero, during his early years. Although not much information is available about Corobo at the moment, the comparison is notable, especially considering Quero’s high-quality performance behind the plate. Corobo is the initial confirmed signing for the Brewers’ 2024 draft class, making this association intriguing.

The Brewers are shifting their focus from a hit-tool-centric approach to seeking more power from their international core. This change in strategy could potentially propel all three shortstops, similar to the impressive developments seen in previous seasons with Jackson Chourio and Yophery Rodriguez. The question is, which of the aforementioned prospects excites you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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