May 26, 2024

While other parts of the country faced departures through the Transfer Portal in December, the majority of Michigan football players remained focused on their quest for a national title. However, with the achievement of that goal, players like Jake Thaw and Darrius Clemons have chosen to enter the Transfer Portal for the upcoming season.

Joining them is redshirt freshman cornerback Amorion Walker, a 6-foot-3, 180-pound player who entered the portal on Thursday evening. It’s important to note that entering the portal doesn’t guarantee a permanent departure from the current program, but it strongly indicates a player’s intent to explore opportunities elsewhere.

Amorion Walker, Michigan, Wide Receiver

During the spring, Michigan had high expectations for Walker, projecting him to be a standout player in the upcoming fall. Unfortunately, he faced injuries and struggled to secure a significant role in the Wolverines’ cornerback unit. In six out of Michigan’s 15 games, he played a total of 66 defensive snaps, allowing three receptions on six targets in coverage with one pass breakup. Walker concluded the season with three tackles and did not participate in either of Michigan’s College Football Playoff games.

Throughout the season, Amorion Walker ranked seventh in snaps played among Michigan cornerbacks, finding himself behind true freshman DJ Waller Jr., who shares the same height of 6-foot-3.

Initially praised by Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh for his agility, highlighted by a 6.10-second 3-cone drill that surpassed previous NFL Combine records, Walker’s 2023 season was marred by injuries and a lower position on the depth chart. Despite these challenges, in a recent conversation with 247Sports, Walker expressed a positive perspective, emphasizing the mental growth he experienced during the adversity.

Reflecting on his journey, Walker shared, “It’s been good for me. It’s been building me mentally in a great place. Everybody goes through a little something and adversity, so I’ve been working to get back to where I need to go.” He acknowledged that the period of injury allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the game, making him a more intelligent football player.

Currently weighing in at 192 pounds, Walker had aspirations for a starting role in the upcoming season. He asserted, “Yeah, absolutely (that’s what I’m looking to do). I feel like I’m more polished and smarter. It’s going to be a very, very big offseason for me.”

Despite these ambitions, it appears that Walker might be pursuing his goal of securing a starting position at another program.

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