May 21, 2024

The Atlanta Braves have executed a noteworthy maneuver by securing the services of 17-year-old infielder Jose Perdomo through a minor league contract as the 2024 signing period kicks off. The accompanying $5 million bonus not only breaks records but also establishes a new benchmark for Venezuelan-born players, marking the highest figure ever witnessed on the inaugural day of a signing period.

A Record-Breaking Bonus

This significant bonus goes beyond mere numbers; it serves as a testament to the Braves’ confidence in Perdomo’s promising future. Standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing 170 pounds, Perdomo is renowned for his remarkable hitting abilities and defensive excellence as a shortstop. Notably, the bonus also exhausts a substantial portion of the Braves’ international bonus pool, which is estimated to be around $5.9 million.

High Anticipation Surrounding Perdomo

The signing of Perdomo has ignited anticipation and enthusiasm among both fans and critics. As he enters the elite ranks of Braves prospects, expectations are high for significant advancements in his career. The budding talent is poised to make his debut in the Dominican Summer League this upcoming summer, signaling the commencement of what many anticipate to be a promising and successful journey.

A Busy First Day for The Braves

The Braves have demonstrated notable activity on the inaugural day of the international signing period by revealing the acquisition of 12 free agents. Of these signings, Perdomo has notably distinguished himself with his groundbreaking bonus. Furthermore, outfielder Juan Espinal is reported to have secured a bonus of $440,000. The team’s overall bonus pool was at $5,925,000, with Perdomo claiming the majority share. Other players received bonuses ranging from $60,000 to $30,000, and signings below $10,000 did not contribute to the bonus pool.

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