July 12, 2024

If you spend enough time at your local GO station on a Monday morning, you might come across a distinctive Presto card. Instead of the usual plain black Presto logo, this card features a portrait of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., a prominent figure in the Toronto Blue Jays, striking his iconic pose of shushing a crowd after hitting a home run.

These limited edition Guerrero-themed Presto cards will be scattered across different GO stations in the city each day from April 29 to May 3. Each card will come pre-loaded with $150, courtesy of PlayStation Canada, who is organizing the scavenger hunt to promote their game, MLB The Show 24.

The season that was: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - Bluebird Banter

Named the “Finding Plakata” scavenger hunt after the Spanish word for a home run or a hard-hit ball, the event was advertised on PlayStation Canada’s Instagram. The ad features Guerrero, the cover athlete for MLB The Show 24, depicted operating a GO train (with a disclaimer stating the train is stationary), announcing the next stop as “Plakata. Plakata is this station.”

Hints for participating in the scavenger hunt will be shared on PlayStation Canada’s Instagram and Facebook, according to a press release.

Guerrero’s signature move of shushing a crowd after a home run is prominently displayed on these Presto cards.

Commenting on his signature move, Guerrero mentioned, “I actually started the whole thing right after 2020 and in ‘21 and to this day. Just enjoy the moment. Everybody does different things, like the jump and everything else and the hop, and that’s what I do and that’s what I like.”

Despite a slow start to the season, Guerrero’s offensive contributions are crucial for the struggling Jays team.

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