July 13, 2024

In a notable development for their defensive roster, the Michigan football team is eyeing former Texas A&M safety Jacoby Mathews. Michigan’s interest in the accomplished defensive player is part of a broader trend among leading college football programs vying for Mathews after he entered the transfer portal.

The competition to secure the commitment of this highly-rated recruit has intensified, with Michigan, as well as prominent rivals like Ohio State and Penn State, actively pursuing Mathews, who has demonstrated exceptional abilities and impressive statistics during his time with the Aggies.


Texas A&M's Mathews plans to enter portal | theScore.com

Mathews Could Improve Defence and Close a Key Hole

Mathews, a coveted figure in transfer negotiations, has been crucial to Texas A&M’s defense, commencing nine matches and achieving personal bests in tackles and sacks this season.


Jacoby Mathews, Texas A&M, Safety


Michigan’s pursuit of Mathews isn’t solely about strengthening their defense but also strategically filling the void left by the injured Rod Moore. With his demonstrated skills in the SEC, Mathews would offer significant value to the Wolverines, not only for his performance on the field but also for the seasoned experience he would contribute to the team.


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