June 25, 2024

Adrian Newey’s RB17, slated for its public debut on July 12 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, represents the pinnacle of track-focused hypercars, a collaboration between Newey and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Scheduled for production in 2025, only 50 units of this exclusive vehicle will be made available.

Christian Horner, CEO of Oracle Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Advanced Technologies, expressed excitement about revealing the RB17, emphasizing its rarity and engineering prowess. The debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed marks a fitting platform to showcase this achievement, coinciding with the team’s 20th season milestone.

Adrian Newey: Ferrari approach F1 designer after Red Bull confirm exit of  chief technical officer in early 2025 | F1 News | Sky Sports


Duke of Richmond, founder of the Festival of Speed, welcomed the partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing and the debut of the RB17, recognizing it as a significant moment in the team’s history. He anticipates the fans’ enthusiasm for the RB17’s unveiling and the team’s presence at the event.

Adrian Newey highlighted the RB17’s innovation, describing it as a fusion of Formula One championship-winning expertise into a high-performance, two-seat track car. As he prepares to step down as Red Bull’s chief technical officer, speculation arises about his future endeavors, particularly with the upcoming 2026 F1 regulations, enticing rival teams to potentially lure him into new roles.

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