July 12, 2024

In his second year as head coach, Mike Brown couldn’t guide the Sacramento Kings to the playoffs. However, the team achieved something remarkable: consecutive seasons with 45 or more wins for the first time since 2006. Despite their 46-36 record, a common playoff benchmark, they fell short due to the intense competition in the Western Conference. Interestingly, if they were in the Eastern Conference, they would have been just one win shy of possibly clinching the fifth seed.

Mike Brown and the Sacramento Kings are still at odds over a contract extension.

Kings' Mike Brown named 2023 NBA Coach of the Year - CBSSports.com

Now, as Mike Brown approaches the last guaranteed year of his contract, talks of extending the 54-year-old, two-time NBA Coach of the Year with the Kings have been put on hold, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. He highlights a significant disparity in negotiations between Sacramento and Brown, suggesting a discrepancy in their perceived worth.

Brown, who led the Kings to the playoffs in his debut season in Sacramento and put up a strong fight against the Warriors in a close 4-3 first-round series loss, saw the team largely unchanged under president Monte McNair’s leadership. Despite opportunities to bolster the roster before the trade deadline, McNair opted to maintain the status quo while other playoff contenders made moves to enhance their chances.


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