June 15, 2024

Continuing to dwell on the issue, the 2024 season for the Tampa Bay Rays has been far from satisfactory. Once again falling below a .500 winning percentage, the team has faced ongoing challenges across all aspects of play. Particularly notable is the lackluster performance of All-Star outfielder Randy Arozarena.

Arozarena, prominently featured in the Rays’ promotional material and online presence, has failed to deliver on-field results, raising concerns. Speculation abounds regarding potential causes, including his off-season muscle gain or a post-home run derby slump. Regardless of the reason, it’s evident that Arozarena’s performance this season has been subpar.

Plate Performance
Arozarena’s struggles at the plate are glaringly apparent. With a batting average hovering around .150, he’s nearly 100 points below his career average. Similarly, his on-base percentage has plummeted to .250 from a career average of .340. This decline in hitting prowess has resulted in fewer hits, walks, and subsequently, a decrease in runs scored.

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Furthermore, Arozarena’s ability to drive in runs has been hampered by his performance at bat. Despite hitting eight home runs, his 18 runs batted in are on track to be the lowest of his career. Particularly concerning is his inability to perform in high-pressure situations, with dismal statistics in late-game scenarios and with bases loaded.

Base Running:
While Arozarena has maintained an aggressive base-stealing approach, he’s been caught twice this season, on pace to match his previous two seasons combined. However, his aggressiveness hasn’t extended to other aspects of baserunning, as indicated by a significant drop in his extra-base taken percentage, reducing his effectiveness in advancing to scoring positions.

Although Arozarena boasts a flawless fielding record this season, advanced metrics and observational analysis suggest room for improvement. While statistics like runs prevented and outs above average paint a mediocre picture, the eye test reveals occasional lack of hustle and casualness in his fielding efforts.

Contract Situation:
With Arozarena under a one-year, $8.1 million contract, his underperformance is disappointing for both him and the Rays. With World Series aspirations, the Rays may not have the luxury of waiting for Arozarena to regain form and could consider trading him before the deadline to maximize returns.

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