July 12, 2024

With the 2024 NBA Draft looming just weeks away, amidst the focus on the ongoing NBA Finals, the Philadelphia 76ers are quietly contemplating their moves for the rookie draft.

Holding a first-round pick this time, they have the opportunity to either capitalize on the value at 16th overall or explore trade options to acquire a seasoned player. Operating under a win-now imperative, the prevailing sentiment suggests the front office is inclined towards pursuing established assets rather than nurturing a prospect from scratch.

76ers reportedly locking in on Alex Caruso as their NBA Draft day trade target

Recent reports suggest that the Philadelphia 76ers are considering a trade deal that would involve sending their No. 16 pick to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for guard Alex Caruso, a player who has attracted interest from multiple teams since last year. Caruso, known for his defensive prowess and backcourt skills, has earned spots on the All-Defensive Team for the past two seasons, making him a desirable asset for win-now teams.

Bulls' Alex Caruso wins 2023-24 NBA Hustle Award | NBA.com

Despite Chicago’s outward stance, they lack a convincing bid to contend for the playoffs next season with their current core, making a potential fire sale seem increasingly likely and appropriate. Their openness to trading players like Zach LaVine, coupled with the potential departure of Caruso, could signal a much-needed roster reconstruction.

However, it remains uncertain whether the Bulls would consider a single first-round pick as sufficient compensation for Caruso. While some teams may be willing to sweeten the deal or meet a higher asking price, the landscape of free agency could prompt clubs to explore more cost-effective options.

Nevertheless, the 76ers appear prepared to meet the Bulls’ rumored price tag for Caruso, recognizing him as an immediate contributor who seamlessly fits their team dynamic, particularly alongside Tyrese Maxey.

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