July 13, 2024

Shota Imanaga, a rookie pitcher representing the Chicago Cubs from Kitakyushu, Japan, has recently adopted a new nameplate for his locker. According to a report from Sports Illustrated, it seems that Imanaga might soon be recognized by fans as “Mike.”

Cubs’ journalist Andy Martinez notes, “Shota Imanaga’s locker in the clubhouse now displays a different name: ‘Mike Imanaga II.'”

The amusing reason behind this change appears to stem from Imanaga’s habit of using the name Mike instead of Shota when ordering coffee. When asked about the addition of the suffix “II,” Imanaga simply states, “It just sounds cool.”

One can anticipate the playful reactions of Cubs’ fans during home games and the reactions from opposing fans when the Cubs visit their stadiums.

Imanaga’s performance on the field has been impressive, boasting a 6-1 record and a 1.96 earned run average (ERA), as reported by Sports Illustrated. In 69 innings pitched, he has struck out 72 batters across 12 game starts. He is also aiming to secure a spot on the National League’s All-Star team.

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