May 21, 2024

“His comeback to the field marked one of the standout narratives of the year, yet this fairytale took a brutal turn during the initial week of the finals when he suffered a fractured ankle while playing against Brisbane.

The 2020 Clive Churchill Medal recipient is widely acknowledged as one of the most dynamic fullbacks in the sport. This is why it stunned everyone to come across a report suggesting that the Storm had offered him to a competing club.

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Papenhuyzen still has two more years remaining on his contract with the Storm. The emergence of the dynamic Sua Fa’alogo as a potential replacement at fullback gained attention, particularly after his impressive performance in the final round of the season and his outstanding display against the Kangaroos while representing Samoa.

However, the Storm swiftly refuted the report. Frank Ponissi, the general manager of football, dismissed the claims as baseless and emphasized that Papenhuyzen remains a vital part of the club’s future both on and off the field.

Papenhuyzen already reaping the rewards of US trip | NSWRL

The Storm issued a statement, stating, “At no point has any official from the Storm reached out to another club, whether directly or through a third party, regarding an early release of Ryan from his contract.”

The statement further clarified that apart from a single text message, the club had not been contacted for comments or clarification on this matter. On the one occasion they were contacted, they unequivocally declared that the story was factually incorrect.

The statement concluded with a strong reaffirmation of Papenhuyzen’s status as an integral member of the Melbourne Storm. He is cherished by his fellow teammates, coaches, and staff, as well as adored by Storm members and fans throughout the country. The club eagerly anticipates his return to training in December.”

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