May 30, 2024

Max Verstappen desires a restoration of harmony within Red Bull Racing following a period marked by internal conflicts and uncertainties surrounding Christian Horner’s future.

Christian Horner: Timeline of events at Red Bull following investigation  into F1 team principal | F1 News | Sky Sports

The team principal faced an inquiry by Red Bull’s parent company following a complaint from a female colleague, though he was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing. Nonetheless, the lingering effects of the incident continue to loom over the team’s defense of their Formula 1 title.

Tensions escalated before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix when Helmut Marko, a team advisor, disclosed he was also subject to investigation. Despite confirming his decision to remain with the team, Verstappen hinted at the possibility of his departure should Marko exit.

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Verstappen’s father, Jos, further fueled the controversy by publicly questioning Horner’s leadership and expressing a desire for change. Following his victory in Jeddah, Max welcomed the news of Marko’s decision to stay and urged the team to come together.

He emphasized the importance of teamwork and maintaining peace within the group, expressing hope that moving forward, everyone would be aligned in this regard.

Verstappen remarked to reporters: “I’ve always emphasized the significance of teamwork and maintaining peace within the group, which I believe everyone within the team agrees on. Therefore, I hope that moving forward, this will indeed be the case.

“Despite the challenges, our performance hasn’t suffered, which is a testament to the strength of our team. Both mentally and operationally, everyone remains focused on their tasks, which is essential.”

In summary, Verstappen seeks a united front within Red Bull Racing, stressing the importance of teamwork and maintaining focus despite internal turmoil.

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