May 28, 2024

The 27-year-old footballer, currently serving a suspension, is set to return to action on January 16, and there are suggestions that he could be sold. Simon Jordan believes that Tottenham should consider signing him, as he expressed on talkSPORT.

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony, who previously sold Ivan Toney to Brentford, could potentially benefit from a sell-on clause if Toney is sold for a substantial fee.

Darragh MacAnthony hinted that if Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal were to sign the English striker during the January transfer window, it could “guarantee Arsenal the Premier League title.” However, Simon Jordan thinks that Tottenham should be in the mix for this signing because he believes Toney could “do a job for anybody.”

Toney’s destination in the Premier League is still uncertain when he returns to the pitch. If his current club, Brentford, is in a precarious position in the league, they may be reluctant to let him go. Nevertheless, Simon Jordan values Toney at £70 million and suggests that Tottenham should consider pursuing him.

Ivan Toney has already hinted at his transfer preference ahead of January  decision - Mirror Online

Regarding Toney’s potential at Tottenham, Jordan commented, “He’s a very good player. He is an effective, good center-forward who understands football and has the ability. I think he is a very good signing for any of the top six clubs. If I were Tottenham Hotspur, I would see if I could sign Ivan Toney and push the envelope.”

With Tottenham yet to find a replacement for their club-record goalscorer Harry Kane, who is currently not at the club, signing Toney could be a significant move. Tottenham has been performing well despite the absence of Kane and has held the top spot in the Premier League for several weeks. If they continue to perform strongly and maintain their position near the top of the table, signing Toney could be a statement of intent and a valuable addition to the team under the management of Ange Postecoglou.

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