May 26, 2024

The article discusses Piers Morgan’s commentary on an Arsenal match against Newcastle United. Piers Morgan expresses his frustration with Kai Havertz’s performance, criticizing him for not justifying his high price tag. He also comments on Arsenal players wearing gloves in mild weather, expressing his disapproval.

After the match, Piers Morgan criticizes the VAR decision that led to Newcastle’s winning goal and bemoans Arsenal’s overall poor performance. He mentions the need for a proper striker and questions Mikel Arteta’s decisions regarding Havertz and David Raya.

Piers Morgan and Fox News-Style Content Is Failing on British TV

In summary, Piers Morgan is critical of Havertz, the use of gloves by Arsenal players, VAR decisions, and Arteta’s management choices, including the signings of Havertz and Raya. The article also disagrees with some of Piers Morgan’s assessments, particularly concerning the VAR decision and the foul by Joelinton.

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