May 24, 2024

Gary Neville, the Manchester United legend, has further infuriated Arsenal fans by criticizing the Gunners and labeling their actions as “feeble” for issuing a statement to express their dissatisfaction with the refereeing standards following their 1-0 loss to Newcastle United over the weekend.

Newcastle secured a contentious victory with a goal by Anthony Gordon, which underwent scrutiny from VAR to assess three potential infractions that could have led to its disqualification. Ultimately, VAR ruled in favor of the goal.

In his post-match press conference, Mikel Arteta displayed his displeasure, and Neville contends that the Premier League must address how clubs react to unfavorable decisions.

Neville’s remarks have not endeared him to Arsenal fans on social media in recent days, but it appears he is unconcerned about further aggravating them.

Both Arsenal and Newcastle now have Champions League matches on the horizon this week, with Arteta’s team facing Sevilla at home and Eddie Howe’s squad embarking on a demanding journey to Borussia Dortmund.

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