May 26, 2024

The Celtics faced a setback against the 76ers, marking their first losing streak of the season, though they maintain a solid 5-2 record. Despite being at full strength with Derrick White’s return, they fell short in a 106-103 loss at Wells Fargo Center. Coach Joe Mazzulla acknowledged the team’s positive aspects in execution and mindset, considering it one of their better-played games.

Mazzulla highlighted the Celtics’ adherence to the right style of play, balanced scoring, and defensive cohesion. He attributed the loss to a lapse in a few possessions during the second quarter, which proved detrimental. Despite the setback, Mazzulla emphasized the team’s overall performance and the learning process early in the season.

The Celtics struggled defensively in the second quarter, allowing the Sixers to amass 39 points, ultimately forcing them to play catch-up for the remainder of the game. Although the Celtics managed to tighten their defense afterward, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey’s combined efforts contributed significantly to the Sixers’ total points.

Offensively, the Celtics couldn’t replicate their earlier success, shooting 40% from the field and 31.9% on 3-pointers. Despite these challenges, they fought back into the game, demonstrating resilience. Mazzulla acknowledged the team’s need for emotional maturity and mental toughness, emphasizing the ongoing learning process, especially considering they are still in the early stages of the season.

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