July 12, 2024

This upcoming weekend is poised to be a significant recruitment period for the Seminoles, marking one of the most substantial efforts since Mike Norvell’s tenure began in Tallahassee. With a pivotal game against the Hurricanes looming on Florida State’s 2023 schedule, excitement is building with approximately 48 hours remaining until the historic clash inside Doak Campbell Stadium.

Anticipation for the game is palpable, as this will be the fourth consecutive sell-out for FSU, promising a spirited atmosphere on Bobby Bowden Field, fueled by fervent fan support. Notably, the stands will be teeming with over 100 recruits spanning various classes, making it a paramount weekend for talent acquisition.

Among the attendees are 20 recruits already committed to the Seminoles, alongside an impressive contingent of 57 blue-chip recruits, comprising 16 five-star prospects and 41 four-star prospects. These individuals, including players such as Kam Davis, Micahi Danzy, and Jeremiah Smith, are set to play a crucial role in Florida State’s future, with their commitments underscoring the coaching staff’s success in attracting top-tier talent to Tallahassee.


Four-Star Running Back Kam Davis (FSU commit)

Four-Star Running Back Micahi Danzy (FSU commit)

Five-Star Wide Receiver Jeremiah Smith (Ohio State commit)

Five-Star Wide Receiver Cameron Coleman (Texas A&M commit)

Four-Star Wide Receiver Camdon Frier (FSU commit)

Four-Star Wide Receiver BJ Gibson (FSU commit)

Four-Star Wide Receiver Lawayne McCoy (FSU commit)

Wide Receiver Markese Wilson

Four-Star Tight End Landen Thomas (FSU commit)

Four-Star Offensive Lineman Jonathan Daniels (FSU commit)

Three-Star Offensive Lineman Tye Hylton (FSU commit)

Three-Star Offensive Lineman Jayden Todd (FSU commit)

Five-Star Defensive End Armondo Blount (FSU commit)

Defensive Tackle Ta’Narie Locust

Three-Star Linebacker Timir Hickman-Collins (FSU commit)

Three-Star Linebacker Jayden Parrish (FSU commit)

Linebacker Jaden Smith

Linebacker Bryson Blanford

Five-Star Defensive Back KJ Bolden (FSU commit)

Five-Star Defensive Back Charles Lester III (FSU commit)

Four-Star Defensive Back Ricky Knight III (FSU commit)

Four-Star Defensive Back Jamari Howard

Four-Star Defensive Back Wardell Mack (Florida commit)

Four-Star Defensive Back Cai Bates (LSU commit)

Three-Star Defensive Back CJ Heard (FSU commit)

Defensive Back Shavez Morris

Defensive Back Kevin Powell

Athlete Kabreon Aldridge

Three-Star Kicker Jake Weinberg (FSU commit)


Four-Star Quarterback Tramell Jones Jr. (FSU commit)

Four-Star Running Back Taevion Swint (UCF commit)

Four-Star Running Back DeAndre Desinor

Four-Star Running Back Donovan Johnson

Three-Star Running Back CJ Nettles

Running Back Jariel Cobb

Five-Star Wide Receiver Jaime Ffrench (Alabama commit)

Five-Star Wide Receiver Dallas Wilson (Oregon commit)

Four-Star Four-Star Wide Receiver Koby Howard

Four-Star Wide Receiver Daylan McCutcheon

Four-Star Wide Receiver Naeshaun Montgomery

Four-Star Wide Receiver Joshua Moore

Three-Star Wide Receiver Carl Jenkins

Wide Receiver Samari Reed

Tight End Hayden Bradley

Tight End Hollis Davidson III

Four-Star Offensive Lineman Ziyare Addison

Four-Star Offensive Lineman Mario Nash Jr.

Five-Star Offensive Lineman David Sanders

Offensive Lineman Dontrell Glover

Offensive Lineman Lamar Williams

Five-Star Defensive End Jared Smith

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