May 26, 2024

Taylor Heinicke is set to resume his role as the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons against the Cardinals, at least for the upcoming game. Heinicke is fully committed to making the most of this opportunity and is putting in extra effort in his preparation for the match. Although there is a possibility that Desmond Ridder, who started the first eight games of the season, may reclaim the starting position after the bye week.

Heinicke emphasized the significance of the upcoming game, referring to it as their “Super Bowl” for the week. He acknowledged the importance of securing a win before the bye week to boost the team’s morale. Despite the recent loss to the Vikings in Week 9, Heinicke expressed confidence in his ability to improve and learn from past mistakes, particularly mentioning an interception in the last game.

Falcons will roll with QB Taylor Heinicke against Cardinals - The Falcoholic

Having been on the scout team during his time off, Heinicke highlighted the challenge of transitioning back to game situations and ensuring ball security. He acknowledged the need to avoid experimenting with throws in actual games, emphasizing the importance of taking care of the football.

Heading into his second consecutive start, Heinicke mentioned feeling more in a routine. In his two appearances this season, he has accumulated 443 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

Coach Arthur Smith clarified that the decision about the starting quarterback should not be a recurring topic of conversation, expressing the desire to avoid constant changes. The coaching staff plans to evaluate both Heinicke and Ridder, considering their performances over the past weeks before making a decision. The bye week in Week 11 will provide an opportunity for thorough assessment.

Desmond Ridder, who was replaced by Heinicke in the previous game due to evaluation for a potential concussion, had highlighted the importance of improving ball security. He did not provide a specific timeline for reclaiming the starting position.

Smith emphasized that this year’s quarterback situation is different from the previous season, citing various factors that contribute to the decision-making process. The team will use the upcoming bye week to assess the quarterback position, similar to the previous season.

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