May 27, 2024

Michael Carrick encourages his Middlesbrough team to have confidence in their abilities and concentrate on their strengths as they face a formidable opponent in today’s match against the top-performing Championship side, Leicester City. Despite Leicester’s impressive record this season, Carrick maintains that his approach to the game remains consistent, with no special alterations in analyzing the opposition.

Acknowledging the tough challenge ahead, Carrick expresses the importance of his players believing in themselves. He emphasizes the focus on being the best version of the team and adhering to a specific style of play, confident that this approach increases their chances of success.

Michael Carrick has transformed Middlesbrough – with a little help from  Jose Mourinho

Carrick views the match as an opportunity for his players to test themselves against a strong opponent and relishes the challenge, highlighting the eagerness of the team to face formidable opponents and play in high-stakes games.

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