May 26, 2024

According to a report from TEAMtalk, Arsenal is expressing a strong interest in acquiring Aston Villa’s Brazilian midfielder, Douglas Luiz, during the upcoming January transfer window. The speculation suggests that Luiz himself might be enticed by the prospect of joining Arsenal, who is vying for both the Premier League title and competing in the UEFA Champions League under the management of Mikel Arteta. However, two significant hurdles stand in the way of this potential transfer.

Firstly, Aston Villa is not actively seeking to offload Luiz and has set a valuation of at least £60 million for the player. Secondly, the current Villa manager, Unai Emery, who was previously in charge at Arsenal, is reportedly displeased with certain tactics employed by the North London club to persuade Luiz to make the move. Despite the financial incentive and Arsenal’s ambitious goals for the season, it is doubtful that Aston Villa will agree to sell the 25-year-old Brazilian midfielder in the midst of the season.

Transfer deadline day: Douglas Luiz to sign five-year deal with Arsenal -  Daily Post Nigeria

The £60 million asking price could be met by Arsenal, considering their aspirations for the Premier League title. However, it seems improbable that Villa, a well-established club under Emery’s management, would be willing to part ways with Luiz, particularly if they are in a strong position to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Additionally, the historical connection between Emery and Luiz might play a role in Villa’s reluctance to sell one of their key players to a club that previously terminated Emery’s contract.

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