May 24, 2024

In recent times, the competition within the league has been intense, featuring a diverse range of clubs navigating the ups and downs of the football hierarchy. The league’s popularity is on the rise, evident in the increasing average attendance and a cumulative viewership of 3,191,719 fans for League Two in the last season.

Here, we delve into some noteworthy numerical aspects of the league, revealing facts that may catch you by surprise. It’s important to note that these facts pertain to League Two since its restructure in 2004, excluding historical data from the fourth tier.

1. Former Titans: Among the current League Two participants, two teams, namely Bradford City (1999–2001) and Swindon Town (1993–94), have a history of competing in the Premier League.

2. Prolonged Presence: Mansfield Town and Newport County boast the lengthiest spells in the division, having secured promotions in the 2012–13 season. Mansfield, in particular, holds the record for the longest continuous tenure in the division, spanning 15 seasons.

3. Attracting Crowds: League Two stands out as the most-watched fourth-tier domestic sports league globally and ranks as the 14th most-watched football league in Europe across all tiers. The total attendance for League Two games during the 2022–23 season reached 3,191,719 spectators.

4. Historical Attendance: Since the league’s restructuring in 2004, the average attendance across all seasons stands at 4,272, showcasing the consistent support and interest from fans over the years.

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