May 26, 2024

Joe Rafferty delivered his assessment after a fellow team member received a diagnosis of ACL damage to his left knee. Regrettably, the talented player, Poole, will not be able to contribute further to the league leaders’ pursuit of the Championship due to the setback suffered during the FA Cup match against Chesterfield.

Despite this misfortune for the former Lincoln player, who had an outstanding beginning to his career at Fratton Park and earned his first cap for Wales, Rafferty is optimistic about Poole’s ongoing impact on Pompey’s promising campaign. Rafferty expressed surprise at the news and mentioned that although Poole is walking fine, his knee has been placed in a brace as a precaution. Poole is awaiting the reduction of swelling before undergoing surgery to ensure he is ready for the next season.

Rafferty emphasized the importance of keeping Poole involved and maintaining a positive atmosphere during his rehabilitation. He highlighted Poole’s role in motivating the team and providing input on tactics and strategies even while injured. Rafferty assured that Poole has not been sidelined and still plays a significant role in supporting the team.

The team is determined to rally around Poole, aiming to put a smile on his face through strong performances and victories for the remainder of the season. Rafferty acknowledged the replacement of Poole by Sean Raggett in the last match, praising Raggett’s qualities as a defender and expressing confidence in the team’s ability to step up and perform well collectively.

In conclusion, Rafferty emphasized the team’s commitment to playing at their best to ensure Poole’s absence is not felt and to provide him with a reason to celebrate at the end of the season. Despite the setback, there is confidence in the team’s depth and capabilities, with Rafferty praising Raggett as a reliable and tenacious center-half.

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