May 26, 2024

Ismael Bennacer has confirmed that he anticipates returning to the football field in mid-December after being sidelined for seven months due to a knee ligament injury. The Algerian midfielder, who suffered the anterior cruciate ligament tear in May during the Champions League semi-final against Inter, underwent surgery and has been undergoing a gradual rehabilitation process.

Speaking at an event to inaugurate Casa Milan Dubai, Bennacer expressed the challenges of dealing with such an injury, especially during a crucial moment in his career. However, he highlighted the positive progress in his recovery, detailing the step-by-step improvement, from initial inactivity to biking, running, and beyond. Bennacer assured reporters that he feels no discomfort in his knee, with no adverse reactions during his rehabilitation.

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Despite a challenging start to the current season, Bennacer emphasized Milan’s ambition to win the Champions League. Reflecting on the team’s recent performance and the taste of the Champions League semi-final, he stressed the desire to achieve more and go further in the upcoming seasons. Bennacer is confident that Milan, with its strong team and new additions, will contend for victory in the Champions League, aiming not just to participate but to win the prestigious tournament.

Discussing the team’s current standing in the Champions League group stage, Bennacer acknowledged the significance of the recent 2-1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain, which revitalized their qualification prospects. Milan is currently positioned third in the group behind Borussia Dortmund and PSG, with Newcastle United also in contention. Bennacer reaffirmed the team’s commitment to winning and expressed confidence in the quality of the squad, recognizing that building a cohesive team may take time but is essential for success.

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