May 26, 2024

The 28-year-old, previously acknowledged as the club’s best crosser, has been showcasing impressive results in recent weeks. However, Gibbs-White has faced challenges with his set-piece delivery this season, not reaching the standards set in the previous campaign. James Ward-Prowse of West Ham United has caused issues for Steve Cooper’s team with his set-piece deliveries, emphasizing the need for someone with similar capabilities in the squad.

On the Garibaldi Red Podcast, a Sky Sports pundit expressed sympathy for Gibbs-White but suggested a change should be implemented. The pundit argued that if one player is responsible for all set pieces and they consistently underperform, perceptions of their overall ability might suffer. However, if no one else steps up to take set pieces, it puts additional pressure on the struggling player.

New England U21 captain Morgan Gibbs-White loving spotlight after big-money  move | The Independent

The podcast host, journalist Matt Davies, proposed that Toffolo could be the next in line to take set pieces, a suggestion supported by former Red Prutton. Toffolo’s recent performance was solid, building on his two assists and clean sheet against Aston Villa. Both on and off the pitch, Toffolo is commended for his commitment to the club, giving his all every time he plays. Despite not being everyone’s favorite player last season, Toffolo has shown significant progress this season, with his deliveries from the left-hand side appearing dangerous.

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