May 28, 2024

The Falcons have faced a challenging stretch with three consecutive losses, prompting calls from fans for Arthur Smith’s removal. Despite the team’s 4-6 record, which mirrors previous seasons, there have been no noticeable improvements despite significant offseason investments in the roster.

Despite the disappointing start, Arthur Smith’s position seems secure for the remainder of the 2023 season. Jeff Schultz of The Athletic reports that there is no immediate pressure from team owner Arthur Blank to achieve instant success or face termination. Schultz argues against premature or hasty firings, emphasizing the complexities of roster changes and salary cap challenges in 2021 and 2022. He highlights that evaluating the coach solely based on wins and losses during those seasons wouldn’t be fair.

Falcons HC Arthur Smith made one huge change after loss to Vikings |  Yardbarker

Schultz points out that Blank has rarely fired a coach mid-season, with the exception of Dan Quinn in 2020 following a 0-5 start, which was somewhat connected to prior struggles. To justify not retaining Arthur Smith in 2024, there would need to be evidence of players turning against him or a complete team breakdown. According to team sources, Blank has been supportive of Smith privately.

Despite the team’s current struggles, making a coaching change in the middle of the season would be unwise for the Falcons. The article acknowledges that while Smith’s job shouldn’t be considered entirely secure, maintaining stability is the prudent decision at this juncture. With the NFC South playoff race ongoing, the Falcons have a crucial matchup against the Saints, providing an opportunity for a turnaround. While the author doesn’t anticipate a miraculous change, they argue that Smith should be given the remainder of the season to address the team’s issues.

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