July 12, 2024

Cooper has achieved remarkable success at Forest, transforming the club from the bottom of the Championship to securing promotion within a few months of taking charge. Despite facing challenges in the current season, where the team has won only three games, Cooper continues to integrate new players into the squad.

Former Forest player Chopra, who spent a brief period on loan in 2004, has a close relationship with Cooper. He expresses admiration for the head coach’s resilience and praises the team’s performance under his guidance.

EXCLUSIVE: Chopra says Cooper is happy with Forest progress while no one  can touch Man City | Flashscore.com

The nature of Chopra and Cooper’s connection remains unclear, but it adds to the list of former players who speak highly of the Forest head coach. As Cooper faces what could be his most significant challenge yet, with heightened expectations due to the team’s strong squad, there are opinions circulating, such as a prediction by Nick Miller from The Athletic, suggesting Cooper might be the first Premier League manager to be sacked. Despite such speculations, Cooper enjoys widespread respect at Forest, emphasizing his commitment to not letting anyone down and hoping for the team’s success in the ongoing season.

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