May 26, 2024

(CNN) — Numerous athletes have unique superstitions related to their attire, and NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes is no exception. Renowned for donning red shirts on game days, akin to Tiger Woods’ final day golf ritual and Michael Jordan’s lucky blue basketball shorts from his University of North Carolina days, Mahomes has a distinctive habit of wearing the same pair of red underwear throughout his entire professional football career.

The revelation was initially shared by former Chiefs player Chad Henne, Mahomes’ backup from 2018 to 2023, during an ESPN interview earlier this year. Henne mentioned that Mahomes insisted on wearing the same underwear every Sunday, considering it a superstition and a good luck charm.


After months of speculation, Mahomes confirmed the underwear story during an appearance on ESPN’s ManningCast with Peyton and Eli Manning. Addressing the origin of the superstition, Mahomes explained that his wife Brittany gave him the underwear, emphasizing that he wears them exclusively on game days. Despite Mahomes’ assurance that the underwear remains clean, he did admit to washing them only when the team loses, a rare occurrence given the Kansas City Chiefs’ recent success.

Mahomes, a two-time Most Valuable Player and reigning MVP, mentioned that the superstition began during a successful season when he first wore the red underwear. He clarified that although he occasionally washes them, he refrains from doing so during hot streaks to maintain the winning momentum. The 28-year-old quarterback, who secured his second Super Bowl win, is part of a formidable Chiefs team, currently boasting a 7-2 record and aspiring to clinch their third Vince Lombardi trophy in five years.

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