May 26, 2024

QPR recently welcomed Marti Cifuentes as their new manager, facing the challenging task of steering the team away from Championship relegation in their current 23rd position. A key strategy to improve their situation involves securing the contracts of players whose terms expire at the season’s end, providing clarity for the club’s future.

As we approach 2024, attention is drawn to three QPR players whose contractual situations need resolution.

**Sam Field:**
At 25 years old, Field, a crucial midfielder also capable of contributing in defense, has been a consistent starter in almost all of Rangers’ Championship matches this season. With his contract expiring in 2024, it’s imperative for the club to secure his future to avoid potential interest from other clubs.

**Chris Willock:**
Despite an uneven season for the winger, Willock has recently started both games under the new manager, hinting at a possible significant role in a more attack-minded team. His contract expires in 2024, and his future at the club may hinge on the playing time he receives under Cifuentes. If the current trend continues, the club should consider offering him a new deal.

**Elijah Dixon-Bonner:**
While Dixon-Bonner hasn’t seen much playing time with QPR, there have been positive signs from the former Liverpool midfielder. Deserving of an opportunity under Cifuentes, he has room for development. Even if the club faces relegation, Dixon-Bonner could become a valuable asset in the lower league. Regardless of the season’s outcome, offering him an extended deal would demonstrate faith in the young player.

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